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Too adalah salah satu adverb atau kata keterangan yang mempunyai arti “terlalu/terlampau”. Di bawah ini sedikit penjelasan mengenai “too”:
1. Too + adjective/adverb


I can’t go. I am too tired. (Saya tidak bisa pergi. Saya terlalu lelah.)
The voice is too loud. (Suara itu terlalu keras.)
The house is too big. (Rumah itu terlampau besar.)
2. Too much / too many
Let’s go to another restaurant. There are too many people here.
I think she studies too much.
The sugar is too much.
There are too many cars.
3. Too …. For, Too … to, Too … for … To
These shoes are too small for me.
I’m too tired to go to your house.
He speaks too fast for me to understand.

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